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Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney In West Virginia

Commercial Vehicle Accident Injury Attorneys | Morgantown and Charleston, WV

Commercial vehicles are responsible for a large portion of the traffic on our roadways. Commercial drivers are often under deadlines and performance guidelines that cause them to take unnecessary risks such as speeding, running stop signs and red lights, inattentive driving and unsafe parking. These risky and negligent driving behaviors can lead to serious and fatal accidents.

About Commercial Vehicle Accidents in West Virginia

If you or a loved one has been injured or a loved one has been fatally injured in a commercial vehicle accident, the attorneys at Miller Luzier PLLC can help. Commercial vehicle accidents include, but are not limited to, those accidents involving delivery drivers, semi-trucks or tractor trailers, coal trucks, logging trucks, buses and taxis. A commercial vehicle injury claim often involves an investigation into whether the commercial vehicles were properly maintained, the hiring and training procedures of the drivers, whether the commercial vehicle drivers were drug tested and what distractions such as navigation units or cell phones may have played a part in the accident.

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