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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer In West Virginia

Drunk Driving Injury Attorneys | Morgantown and Charleston, WV

Drunk driving is a problem and it is a crime. Not only is it illegal, but it is often the cause of serious life-threatening injuries to innocent people. There are criminal penalties for drunk drivers, but those penalties do little to compensate those that are injured by this harmful and extremely dangerous act.

About Drunk Driving Accidents In West Virginia

If you or a loved one has been injured or a loved one has died due to a drunk driving accident, don’t wait contact us today. Due to the extreme recklessness of driving while intoxicated, punitive damages may be available in addition to damages for pain and suffering, lost wages and related medical bills. If a wrongful death has occurred there are additional steps that must be taken, let us help guide you along the way.

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To obtain more information about how we can assist you in a drunk driving injury claim, please fill out our online contact form or call Miller Luzier PLLC at 304-566-9818 today. Whether we're traveling to you or you're able to meet with us at our office, the initial consultation is free.

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